Acqua Di Parma ' Colonia Club' Eau De Cologne 1.7 oz / 50 ml

Acqua Di Parma ' Colonia Club' Eau De Cologne 1.7 oz / 50 ml

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1.70 Ounces

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The perfect blend of galbanol, neroli and mint, the Colonia Club is one of the finest Italian Cologne. The frag is amalgamated with the scent of Musk, Ambergris and  Haitian vetiver for the base notes. A combination of the Lavender and Geranium for the middle notes and Lemon, Petitgrain, Mandarin Neroli, Mint, Galbanum and Bergamot on top makes your presence even more.

The design of the perfume and box in a green color with a touch of Italian style gives a great classic look for the cologne. It is hand-polished and bakelite cap. The overall design of this magnificent designed cologne is inspired by the sport of aristocrats which has been in Olympics since 1912. It is a sport of aggressive, rigour and determination and this is depicted from the Acqua Di Parma in the Colonia Club.

This perfume lasts from 4 to 5 hours with a moderate sillage. The “sporty” essence of the Mint is best suited for men. The ' Colonia Club' from Acqua Di Parma is what every passionate man desires to wear anytime.

Acqua Di Parma ' Colonia Club' Eau De CologneBase Notes & Features


  • Top Notes: Lemon, Petitgrain, Mandarin, Lemon, Petitgrain, Mandarin, Neroli and Mint

  • Heart Notes: Lavender and Geranium

  • Base Notes: Musk , Ambergris, Haitian and vetiver


  • Opulent musk, Ambergris

Item weight: 1.70 Ounces (50 ml)

Box dimensions: 7.8 x 7.8 x 3.9 inches

UPC: 8028713260209

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is a Eau de Cologne?

A. A Eau de Cologne is a type of perfume which has the concentration of 2-5% of essence with a blend of oil extracts, alcohol and water.  The oil extracts consists a mixture of citrus oils: lemon, orange, lime, grapefruit, oleaster, jasmine, tobacco,blood orange and bitter orange.  

Q. What are the most prominent notes included in the fragrance?

A. The perfume’s most prominent notes are mint and neroli. Other notes include are Musk , Ambergris, Haitian and vetiver.

Q. What is the wake of the perfume?

A. The sillage of the perfume is moderate. The perfume lasts for about 5 hours at max.

Q. Which gender is the perfume suitable for?

A. The notes in this cologne are “sporty” with the flavor of mint for most time, it is suitable for men. It is inspired by the sport of Aristocrats, which has been an Olympic sport since 1912.  

Q. Which season is the perfume most suitable to wear?

A. As the longevity of this perfume is great with an impressive medium range, it is suitable for all the seasons.

Q. How does this cologne smell?

A. The cologne gives a menthol effect primarily which gives a good finish of freshness and style. After few hours of green freshness, a pinch of honeyed and cool sea breeze. Overall, with the cologne lasts for 5 hours, it has an extraordinary range and musky flavor with rich lavender presence.