Best Perfumes for your Zodiac Sign

Best Perfumes for your Zodiac Sign

Posted by Harish on 9th Dec 2017

Searching for a perfume that best suits your Zodiac sign? Rest assured as we have done a fair bit of research and gathered a list of fragrances that best perfumes that suit your personality and can help in enhancing your overall appearance.

Aries: A hard hitting, powerful fragrance best represents people with this star sign. their direct approach nature and ability to express their feelings without any hesitation is best represented by a tangy fragrance. A citrine flavour with strong lemon aroma is best suited for them.

Taurus: People born under Taurus are more into classy perfumes. They prefer subtle and rich in taste fragrances that best suits their personality. they don’t stay flashy so it’s better to stick to mild fragrances that go easy on strength of the aroma. orange blossoms are apt for people with this star sign.

Gemini: These are the people who don’t mind experimenting and going a tad overboard. they are playful in nature that attracts them towards more vibrant and colorful fragrances that may stand out from the rest and give strong signals to people around.Musks and sandalwood can be paired for a rich aroma.

Cancer: Cancer is undoubtedly the most feminine star sign of all, making them more attracted towards iconic brands that perfectly manage playfulness with dignity which plays a key role in the showcasing one's personality. so, it is better to stick to more established fragrances that can represent them.

Leo: It is a known fact that Leo is ruled by the sun and that in turn plays a key role in the way a person with leo sign should smell. They should try more summery fragrances that demand attention and can put on a show with elegance at its very best. This fragrances are a bit luxurious when compared to others.

Virgo: These people like to keep it clean and simple and refuse to stand in spotlight thanks to their conservative nature. A classic aroma paired with a slight touch of spice can do wonders for these people. Never forget that a classic flavour paired with spice is a deadly combo and can flatter anyone.

Libra: These people are more into sweet fragrances as they like to keep it cool by hitting down a notch and smelling more presentable and lovable vibe to others. A mild fragrance is all they need, that makes them close to a yummy flavour and what's more yummier than a classic Hazelnut touch?

Scorpio: These people like stay in trend. An intense and fresh fragrance is all they need to smell sharp, and keep you guessing at the same time.They like to go places where very few people have been to. A strong flavour best suits their needs.

Sagittarius: A perfectly natural fragrance is prefered by these people as they don’t like to go overboard. Any natural flavour will attract a person with Sagittarius star sign. Next time you go out for shopping get them an earthly flavour which they’ll be absolutely delighted to add to their collection.

Capricorn: Capricorns like masculine and clean fragrances that stay manly and give more dominating and strong vibes. They try to stick to tried and tested flavors that perfectly represents their manly nature. It’s better to stick to a moderately spicy aroma.

Aquarius: They like to keep things on a lighter note and a perfume is no exception as they like it more tender, simple and clean. But light perfumes shouldn’t be under-estimated as they can have a strong impact when meeting others by sending out friendly vibes.

Pisces: A free flowing dreamy and romantic fragrance best suits these people, we couldn’t find a more romantic flavour than Roses. This flowery fragrance can easily grab the attention of the people we are meeting with and can send out a more settled feeling which can make others feel comfortable around them.