Keiko Mecheri 'Paradise Lost' Eau De Parfum 2.5oz/75ml

Keiko Mecheri 'Paradise Lost' Eau De Parfum 2.5oz/75ml

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From the calm beaches of Goa in India with with your umbrella drink in your hand watching in awe of the sun gently kissing in a pleasant evening and then showering to get set for a disco themed night, this perfume from Keiko Mecheri encapsulates these moments by bringing you the fragrance ‘Paradise Lost’ so you can cherish this forever.

The limette an bergamot notes gels up with the musk to give a smooth and pleasant scent and the floral bouquet of jasmine, vanilla and tuberose giving the essence of a warm sunny day on the beach.

‘Paradise Lost’ comprises of fresh citrus scent on the top: bergamot and Indian limette to capture summer beach in Goa. The floral bouquet of jasmine and tuberose notes in heart adds the sweet and soft texture to the fragrance. The muskiness in the base notes having the scent of sandalwood, bourbon vanilla and musk makes it a perfect fragrance to stay fresh for the whole day.

The floral and fresh notes that is sweet and pleasant is suitable for women. The addition of musk notes which gives more smokiness to the fragrance makes it suitable for him as well. As it reminds of a beautiful warm evening, make most of it by wearing it on summers.

Keiko Mecheri 'Paradise Lost' Eau De Parfum 2.5oz/75ml- Base Notes & Features


  • Top Notes: Indian Limette, Bergamot

  • Heart Notes: Jasmine, Tuberose.

  • Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Bourbon Vanilla

Accords: White floral, Citrus, Woody, Tuberose, Powdery

Item weight: 2.50 Ounces (75 ml)

UPC: 663157435578

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. Is the fragrance EDT or EDP?

A. The fragrance is a EDP or Eau De Parfum. With a couple of dabs applied on your skin, EDP can last for the whole day. It is recommended to wear the perfume on your dress or hair for better longevity.

Q. What the most prominent notes in this the fragrance ‘Paradise Lost’?

A. The most prominent notes according to the experts are Bergamot, Indian Limette, Jasmine, Tuberose, Sandalwood and musk.

Q. How many hours will this perfume lasts on your skin? How is the sillage of this fragrance?

A. The fragrance has a moderate sillage which will spread to a greater distance compared to other perfumes. According to many users, the perfume should stay on your skin for about 4-5 hours.

Q. Which gender should wear it?

A. The floral notes with a fresh citrus opening makes it best for women. As it have a smokey base along woody notes, it would be suitable for men as well.

Q. Which season should one wear this fragrance?

A.  The perfume reminds you of a fresh warm evening on a beach. These feeling can be cherished by wearing it on a hot summer day.

Q. Which family of fragrance does it belong to?

A.  According to many experts and users of this fragrance, there was dominant yet gentle texture of white floral accords in the ‘Paradise Lost’ thanks to the presence of tuberose and jasmine notes, it belongs to the category: white floral. 

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