Marc Jacobs 'Cotton' Eau De Toilette 3.4oz/100ml

Marc Jacobs 'Cotton' Eau De Toilette 3.4oz/100ml

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This perfume is for the classy and calm women who like to keep things simple and as they are.

It perfectly demonstrates a vintage summer evening by spreading a clean and comfortable aroma that gets anyone into a pleasant mood. A popular saying goes ‘This perfume perfectly captures a typical summer evening in a bottle’.

The tangy orange flavour will take you on a free flowing ride by letting things move in their own speed. This settled nature of the perfume is the main hold of this perfectly crafted beauty.

This Eau de Toilette is a perfect match for summer season where it’s important that you smell as clean as possible because the strength of the perfume can play a key role in light summer breeze. A light flavoured perfume is preferred in these condition and we can’t find a better match than this bottle of elegance from popular perfume manufacturers ‘Marc Jacobs’.

Marc Jacobs 'Cotton' Eau De Toilette 3.4oz/100mlBase Notes & Features


  • Top Notes: Peach, Mandarin, Orange, Aquatic accord

  • Heart Notes: Lavender, Cotton accord

  • Base Notes: White Suede, Blonde Woods, Musk


  • Floral, Powdery, Fresh, Woody

Quantity: 3.4oz/100ml

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What is a Eau de Toilette?

A. The type of the perfume is mainly discriminated depending up on the concentration of the perfume oils in them. Eau de Toilette is a bit stronger when compared to a cologne.

It perfectly fits when you are about to go out for a party where you need a short burst of Aroma that can grab attention at the first sight.

Q. What are the most prominent notes of the perfume?

A. This perfume packs a neat and clean fragrance that goes easy on the aroma front by blending into any situation and instantly making you more presentable when meeting someone new. The citrus flavour can help maintain your stature by sending friendly vibes.

Q. Which gender does this perfume suite?

A. This perfume packs a feminine punch that can send neat vibes to the opposite person. This perfume is a perfect option for the classy woman in you who likes simplicity and a neat feel. Men who are looking for a clean aroma can opt for this perfume, thanks to its clean aroma.

Q. What is the longevity of the perfume?

A. It;s reported that this perfume can stick with you for a long time with no specific outburst of strong aroma that can suffocate others around us. You can choose this perfume if you are about to head out for a long ride on a typical summer evening.

Q. What is the Wake of the perfume?

A. This perfume stays loyal to its description by keeping the aroma a nod down and creating a settled and neat feel to people near you. People who have used this perfume in the past loved the low-key nature of the perfume.

Q. Is this a perfect gift for your partner?

A. This perfume ticks all the right boxes for your perfect gift list. It smells fantastic, goes easy on the aroma that can settle down the surroundings by sending charming and clean signals and brings out the classy person in you. 

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