Marc Jacobs 'Daisy Dream' Eau De Toilette 3.4oz/100ml

Marc Jacobs 'Daisy Dream' Eau De Toilette 3.4oz/100ml

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Embracing the beauty and elegance of the iconic Daisy Motif, the ‘Daisy Dream’ by Marc Jacobs is a fruity-floral fragrance which is inspired from the daisiness and luminous nature of blue skies. The mixture of woody and fruity notes amalgamated with the floral bouquet gives an irresistible and exquisite scent.

Opens with a blast of fruity bowl consisting blackberry, pear and grapefruit. The heart notes consists of a bouquet of jasmine with blue wisteria and lychee. The scent of musk and white wood with coconut water covers the base notes.

The floral and fruity notes with a hint of woody notes makes the ‘Daisy Dream’ fragrance suitable women. The cool scent of this perfume makes it a perfect scent for summers.

Marc Jacobs 'Daisy Dream' Eau De Toilette 3.4oz/100mlBase Notes & Features


  • Top Notes: Blackberry, Pear, Grapefruit

  • Heart Notes: Blur wisteria, Jasmine, Lynchee

  • Base Notes: Musk, Coconut water, White wood


  • Fruity, Woody, Sweet, Floral, Musky, Fresh, Tropical

Item weight: 3.40 Ounces (50 ml)

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What is Eau De Toilette?

A. The Eau De Toilette or simply known as EDT, contains about 10% concentration of essence of alcohol and oil essentials. EDT starts with a strong aroma but fades away very quickly.

Q. What the most prominent notes in ‘Daisy Dream’?

A. The most prominent notes according to the users are blackberry, jasmine, grapefruit, coconut water, musk and pear.

Q. What about the sillage and longevity of the fragrance?

A. The longevity and the sillage are moderate. The scent stays on your skin for 3-4 hours and the aroma spreads around the vicinity for a couple of hours.

Q. Which gender should wear this fragrance?

A. Floral notes with the mixture of sweet,fruity notes and a hint of muskiness in the end makes it suitable for women.

Q. Which season should one wear this fragrance?

A. This fragrance with a light scent with sweet and fruity notes is suitable for summers. As it does not stay on the skin for a long time, it is highly recommended to apply more on your skin.

Q. Which fragrance family does this fragrance belong to?

A. According to many fragrance curators, the dominant fruity scent in Daisy Dream makes it fall to the category: fruity.

Q. What are the other fragrances from the Daisy collection by Marc Jacobs?

A. Other than ‘Daisy Dream’ from Marc Jacobs, the collection also includes ‘Daisy’, ‘Daisy Dream’,’Daisy Eau So Fresh’ and ‘Daisy Kiss’.