Robert Piguet Jeunesse de Robert Piguet Eau de Parfum 3.4Oz/100ml

Robert Piguet Jeunesse de Robert Piguet Eau de Parfum 3.4Oz/100ml

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This collection consists of sensual fragrances which are pleasant and lighthearted is inspired from the plants of China: chai, Jeunesse and blossom. The smooth and mesmerizing scent of raspberry macaron enhances with the alluring sweet scent of jeunesse. The fresh fruity floral fragrance of jeunesse is made on the contrast of sweet scent of raspberry and sour notes in pomegranate.

The woody fragrance in blackcurrant along the sweet raspberry note delivers the sassiness in the top notes. The interesting fragrance of the sour notes in pomegranate in the heart blends well the top notes with a mesmerizing scent. The presence of musks in the base makes it “youthful”.

The Jeunesse is a part of collection released from Robert Piguet in the Asian market. The other two perfumes from the same set are Blossom and Chai.

The sweet fragrance will suit women and it is recommended to be worn during spring or winter seasons.

Robert Piguet Jeunesse de Robert Piguet Eau de Parfum 3.4Oz/100mlBase Notes & Features


  • Top Notes: Blackcurrant, Raspberry

  • Heart Notes: Pomegranate

  • Base Notes: Musk


  • Fruity, Woody, Sweet, Floral, Musky

Item weight: 3.40 Ounces (50 ml)

UPC: 801593506593

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. Is the fragrance Jeunesse an EDT or EDP?

A. The fragrance Jeunesse is a EDP or Eau De Parfum. With a couple of dabs applied on your skin, EDP can last for the whole. It is recommended to wear the perfume on your dress or hair for better longevity.

Q. What the most prominent notes in this fragrance?

A. The most prominent notes according to the experts are pomegranate, raspberry, musks, and blackcurrant.

Q. How is the projection and longevity of the perfume?

A. It has an impressive projection which blooms with the rich notes around for hours. According to some experts, the perfume stays on your skin for 10-12 hours at most.

Q. Which gender should wear this perfume?

A. Floral notes with a dominant aroma of sweet fragrance is mostly suitable for women.

Q. Which season should one wear this fragrance?

A.  This perfume which also comprises of woody and musky notes is best suitable for spring or winter season.

Q. Which fragrance family does this fragrance belong to?

A.  According to many reviewers, along with the woody, musky, floral and fruity accords, the fragrance has a dominant sense of sweet scent. It belongs to the category: sweet.

Q. What are the other fragrances of the collection from Robert Piguet?

A.  Along with the elegant fragrance in “Jeunesse”, the other perfumes which was released in the collection particularly in Asia are Blossom and Chai.

The Chai de Robert Piguet has a nice lemon-bergamot start with the tea note. The fresh and crisp scent of white tea leaves is emphasized with the rich and sweet texture of honey.

Blossom de Robert Piguet has an edgy and unique blend of white petals, white musk and zesty green mandarin giving it a bright and rich scent on the skin.