Victoria's Secret 'Very Sexy For Him 2' Cologne 3.4oz/100ml

Victoria's Secret 'Very Sexy For Him 2' Cologne 3.4oz/100ml

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3.40 Ounces

Victoria's Secret 'Very Sexy For Him 2' Cologne 3.4oz/100ml prices in USA

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If all you want is smell dynamic, Victoria’s Secret has got you covered. Just pair a trendy apparel with this fragrance and you are all set to leave a sassy impression. This offers a perfect blend of tangy and citrus flavour that leaves a spicy aroma that sticks with you for the rest of the day. It has all the main features that a cologne should possesses, A pleasant aroma and moderate longevity.

This cologne can perfectly fit your day to day needs and can keep you smelling good when you are heading out for any casual meeting.

The aroma is mild and enigmatic making a perfect perfume for men who like to stay classy and keep things on a lighter note. We all know that a moderately powerful perfume can come along way in enhancing one’s personality. The tangy flavour can add even more elegance to the perfume. 

Victoria's Secret 'Very Sexy For Him 2' Cologne 3.4oz/100mlBase Notes & Features


  • Top Notes: Lime, Tangerine, Caraway

  • Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Sage, Bamboo

  • Base Notes: Orange, Blossom, Musk

Item weight: 3.40 Ounces (100 ml)

UPC: 727363595836

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What is a Cologne?

A. A cologne is a type of perfume with a pleasant smell and is applied directly on the skin for more intense effect that sticks with you.

Q. What are the most prominent notes of the cologne?

A. The main notes of the cologne are lime and tangerine which add a tangy flavour and stay easy on the aroma at the same time. This offers a perfect combination of pleasant smell and dynamic aroma which are very much essential for a good cologne.

Q. What is the longevity of the cologne?

A. This cologne is reported to be of moderate longevity which means it offers a refreshing aroma for a moderate time making it opt for casual use.

Q. What is the wake of the perfume?

A. This cologne is of mild intensity which means that it doesn’t suffocate anyone around you which is very much essential when you are meeting someone new or when you are about to head out for a meeting.

Q. What is the main difference between cologne and perfume?

A. The main difference between a perfume and cologne lies in the strength of the aroma. A perfume is highly concentrated with perfume oils that smell stronger and cologne offers a more pleasant and mild aroma but can maintain essence.

Q. What gender is the cologne suitable for?

A. As mentioned earlier, this perfume is more suitable for men. But, there are cases where women have used this product and fell in love with the enigmatic fragrance instantly and have been using it ever since. This shows the efficiency of the cologne and the flavour that it packs.

Q. Is this a perfect gift to your partner?

A. You need not have any second thoughts if you are thinking about gifting this beauty to your partner. It can help you scoring good marks when you gift it to your partner and we’re 100% sure about it.

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