5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Perfume

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Perfume

Posted by EauYesNY on 20th Jan 2018

Almost every single one of us has definitely made the mistake of leaving for work without applying some perfume and the whole day that followed was pretty uneasy without our favourite fragrances. But there are some mistakes that most make unknowingly while spraying on the perfume. These small mistakes can result into your perfume not smelling as good as it did in the bottle, or the fragrance simply fading after a short period of time.

Listed below are common mistakes that most of us tend to make while spraying on our favourite perfumes:

#Mistake 1: Keeping the bottle in the bathroom

Every perfume available is very sensitive to the slightest of changes that might occur in the surrounding and due to this kind of environmental susceptibility, perfumes keeping the bottle in the bathroom can be damaging. The bathroom constantly goes through changes in temperature and this leads to chemical reactions within the perfume liquid, especially since it will contain certain natural ingredients, due to the exposure to frequent cold and hot temperature variations. The perfume will start smelling different and can lead to skin irritation when you apply it.

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#Mistake 2: Rubbing wrists together after spraying perfume on them

It is a common practice to spray some fragrance on the wrists and then rub them together, to apparently apply the perfume better. 

However, that is a misconception, because you are actually causing damage to the scent that you have just put on. When the wrists are rubbed against each other, certain enzymes are produced which interfere with the perfume that has been applied and tends to change its course of action and if the perfume has layered scents then the top layer will be ruined while the middle tones might not seem as intense as they are supposed to. This will cause the perfume to smell different and sometimes even a little off, in case you have rubbed your wrist quite vigorously after spritzing on some perfume on them. 

Therefore, after spraying on the perfume, simply allow it to get absorbed into your skin for this will not only make it smell as it should but also the scent will last longer.

#Mistake 3: Not buying the perfume that comes in small bottles

Good perfumes actually do come in small packages. You should not really need to apply a lot of perfume; just a spritz on the key areas will do the trick. Also, most perfumes have a shelf life of about 4 months, so the bigger the bottle, the more is the chance for the perfume to go off, due to the constant reaction of its molecules with oxygen.

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#Mistake 4: Avoiding synthetic perfumes because they are bad for the skin

No! They are not. Synthetic Perfumes are actually good and you can safely purchase them without worrying about causing any damage to your skin. Obsessing about all organic or natural scent will only get you so far because at this time there are various fragrances like especially that of musk which was before obtained from animals, but that cannot be done any longer. 

Also many perfumes have layers of lily of the valley, freesia or even peonies which cannot be actually extracted from these flowers in their natural habitat, because these scents are far too weak in nature to be extracted exclusively, and hence they have to enhance artificially with synthetic attributes, if one has to incorporate them into a perfume. Therefore, do not think that synthetic perfumes are harmful, unless they actually sensitize your skin, or claim to have an ingredient that you are allergic to. 

Most perfumes are a blend of natural ingredients and synthetic molecules and their reactions are controlled and tested by genuine health organisations, so most synthetic perfumes are perfectly safe.

#Mistake 5: Covering up with clothing after wearing perfume on bare skin

The areas where perfume should ideally be applied are wrists, neck, and the inner side of your elbows. If you are not going to be out during hot, humid conditions, then these pulse points are the best places, because these areas are going to be exposed and in direct contact with the air outside. Covering up with clothing will inhibit the scent from enhancing this trail. However, in case the weather is warm and you are sure to sweat, then it is wise to not wear perfume on bare skin because body oils and perspiration will interfere with the scent. In this case, only you can use a perfume that can be sprayed over clothes. 

Also remember, that while you should not cover up the area on which you have applied perfume with clothing, it should not be dry, because perfumes do not last long when sprayed on dry skin, therefore always moisturize before spraying a fragrance.


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