5 Facts we bet You didn't know about Perfumes

5 Facts we bet You didn't know about Perfumes

Posted by Eau Yes NY on 25th Dec 2017

Perfumes are a really powerful weapon when it comes to enhancing the value and overall appearance of a person. A perfume compensates the physical appearance with a neat and classy aroma. Perfumes are a complex concept, especially if you are new to this fragrances. Here are 5 mind boggling facts about perfumes that most of us haven't heard before.

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1. You must moisturize your skin before applying perfume

Moisturizing your skin is a must before applying a perfume to enhance the intensity of the perfumes. Perfumes perform better if applied on well hydrated and moisturized skin as the skin cells help in the process of enhancing the effect of the perfume. Perfumes sit perfectly on healthy skin that is free from any debris and dust particles.

2. You shouldn't be applying perfume to your hair

Well, this may seem weird but many people apply perfumes on their hair, which is okay when done rarely but a strict no-no if you are spraying the perfume regularly. The alcohol content in the perfume can weaken your hair by making it dry and very much prone to damage. The strength of the hair can vastly go down if no proper care is taken towards it and applying perfume or any other scents directly to your hair can damage the hair.

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3. One third of men perfumes are used by women

Yeah, you heard that right, more than one third of perfumes designed and manufactured for men are used by women.This shows that market for men perfumes has no shortage as there is a very wide user base, the classy nature of men perfumes are good at attracting people towards it. Woman are attracted towards the endurance and enigma that most of perfumes designed for men possesses.

4. The scent can smell different on two individuals

Perfumes can smell different on two separate people as the fragrance and aroma of a perfume can alter depending upon the sweat condition, temperature and the surroundings. A lot can depend on the diet of the person as this triggers few chemical reactions in the body. When it comes to the difference in the fragrances many factors come into frame like the environment the person is in, the temperature around the person wearing the person can have a huge impact on the wake of the perfume.

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5. You Shouldn't rub your wrists after applying perfume

Most of us have this habit of rubbing our wrists after applying the perfume in order to increase the intensity of the perfume. but, that's a fault assumption as perfumes come with complex attributes like top notes, middle notes and base notes. These fragrances depend on the time period a perfume stays on you. the molecules in perfume that emit these fragrances can be easily ruptured and that affects the wake and longevity of the perfume.