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A comparison of body sprays and perfumes - Which to wear & when to wear!

A comparison of body sprays and perfumes - Which to wear & when to wear!

Posted by EauYesNY on 25th Nov 2017

We all want to impress people whenever we go out, and smelling good is a very easy way to do it. But when choosing between body sprays and actual perfumes, it becomes confusing. So, we decided to take some time and chalk out the differences between a body spray and a perfume. This comparison of body sprays and perfumes will help you choose which to wear and when to wear. Let’s get started:

The main difference

The main difference between a body spray and a perfume is the composition; While a perfume is essentially pleasantly fragrant oil extracts in a mixture of alcohol and water, a body spray is a essentially a mixture of alcohol and water with very little fragrant items and/or their extracts.

Having said that, the components of a body spray and a perfume tend to be the same. What changes, is actually the concentration of the materials. Perfumes are less homogeneous compared to body sprays.

What is a body spray?

A body spray is typically a mixture of alcohol and water, with light concentration of (sometimes traces) of fragrant ingredients. You may even call it scented, diluted alcohol. A body spray, as the name suggests, is applied on the body. The scent sure is pleasing, but it won’t last long. It would have faded away by lunch time, if you put it on while going to work.

Since it is a milder form perfume, it is advisable that you wear a body spray when going out for relatively shorter periods of time. For example, going out shopping, you may use some body spray as this will last just enough for you. But if you’re going to a party, where you might spend more than just a few hours, a body spray may not be the best choice for you. Same goes for work. However, given that body sprays are economical, it is up to you what to use.

What is a perfume?

Perfume, otherwise known by many names such as Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Parfum etc., is a mixture of fragrant oils in a base of water-alcohol mix. While the composition is similar to that of body sprays, a perfume lasts longer than body sprays and has higher concentration of oils.

A higher concentration causes the perfume to last much longer than a body spray. A single application easily lasts through the day, with the ‘base notes’ sometimes lasting till the next day (for the really good quality ones). Using a perfume while going to parties, work or all-day picnics/outings etc. is advisable. However, unlike body sprays, it is highly recommended that the perfume be applied mostly on the wrists and the neck. Applying on cloth is also good, however caution must be exercised as oils may stain the cloth.

What are the other differences?

The first difference is that perfumes is expensive, body sprays are cheap. While you can get some exotic and nice perfumes for anywhere between $40 to $500, with rare fragrances even reaching $1000, a body spray can found for as cheap as $4.99.

While perfumes are long lasting, body sprays fade away fast. Some perfumes have been said to last for more than 24 hours, a body spray would typically wither away within 6 hours of application.

Perfumes are liquid at their essence. Body sprays are essentially gaseous mist with fragrance atomized and then sprayed onto the body as small particles. This explains why they evaporate so fast.

What Should You Prefer?

A lot of this answer depends upon your budget. If you’re a person who can spend some money, it is advisable that you get a bottle of perfume and use it on occasions. “For your day-to-day life, a body spray is usually enough as no one expects people to smell like a rose garden all through the day. 

As long as your mornings go well enough, you should be okay,” quotes on of our experts.

Another aspect is the occasion - For parties, gatherings, weddings and other special occasions, it is a very good idea that you wear a fragrance that’s long lasting. As far as your day-to-day activities are concerned, a body spray should carry you through.

At the end of the day, it is upto you what you prefer. If you are the kind of person who cannot tolerate a bunch of bouquets for long, it is best you use a fragrance that low on concentration. After all, you being comfortable in what you’re wearing is the first priority. Be comfortable in the fragrance you wear and you’re good to go anywhere.