Expert Guide: 7 Essential steps to follow while applying a Perfume - Free Detailed Info Graphic included

Expert Guide: 7 Essential steps to follow while applying a Perfume - Free Detailed Info Graphic included

Posted by Komal on 18th Dec 2017

Do’s and Don’ts while applying perfume:-

We can use perfume in many ways, but, there are always some right ways and some wrong ways of doing the same. A right perfume on right occasion at right place may work wonders for you. In this article, we will take you through some Do’s and Don’ts while applying perfume:-

1. According to skin type:-

There are mainly two types of skin

a) Dry skin

b) Oily skin

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If you have a dry skin, you will need a fragrance-free moisturizer to apply on your body. The benefit of applying moisturizer is that the perfume will stay for a longer time on our body and will give fragrance for the whole day. Some perfumes companies give moisturizer with perfume bottles.

If you have the oily type of skin, there is no need to apply any moisturizer to your skin. You can apply perfume directly.

2. Avoid Rubbing:-

Some people rub the skin after applying perfume to improve the effect of fragrance. But they don’t know that after rubbing the molecules of the perfume are broken and get evaporated. That is just wastage of perfume.

3. Apply on more warmer areas for best results:-

There are some areas of the body which are warmer than other areas like:- 

Under the elbow, bottom of the throat, behind the knees, wrist etc. You should use perfume in these areas is to maximize the effect of fragrance.

4. Use on clothes and jewelry:-

Some perfumes come with a strong fragrance and sometimes we don’t need to go overboard. 

In this case, we can apply or spray perfume on our clothes and jewelry as per our choice. Whenever you have to go outside you can use these items with less fragrance and move freely.

5. From safety Point of view:-

We should note one safety point to avoid using perfume on our eye, nose, face, and mouth as well. Sometimes it can very harmful to us. We should also keep it away from children

6. Occasion:-

We should choose the right perfume for the right occasion. Like for funerals, we cannot go with a very sharp fragrance, we can go to parties with a strong fragrance.

7. Temperature:-

We should not expose perfumes to high temperature as the effectiveness of the perfume might reduce.

Here's a detailed Info graphic of How to apply a Perfume


Happiness and right mood are two key elements for a good day and the right perfume gives a big boost to these two elements. We hope the above article would have given a gist of all the rights when it comes to applying perfume.