The most expensive perfumes worn by popular Hollywood Celebrities

The most expensive perfumes worn by popular Hollywood Celebrities

Posted by Komal on 4th Dec 2017

The way the moon gives element of calmness to the whole world, the way Musk’s fragrance in the jungle cannot be controlled, the way flower attracts wasp; In the same very way a good perfume emits out the positivity all around and creates a positive aura all around. A true person can inspire everyone by their aura and words. The Hollywood stars are everyone's role model in terms of the looks and style. Here is the list of amazing perfumes used by the popular celebrities from Hollywood.

1. Chrisitian Dior Eau Sauvage

This perfume is used by famous Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas. This kind of perfume has a great frag has a fresh scent of a typical breezy summer. It has an essence of lemon and rosemary. The floral and spices takes over the aroma of this perfume with the finish of woody-chypre flavor giving a unique and alluring end. 

This fresh, green with an amazing aroma has a moderate sillage and lasts for 4 hours. It is suitable for men and women.

2. Guerlain vetiver

When you go out in the spring season for a special occasion, this perfume becomes our favorite partner. Its top note comprises of lemon and green giving it a fresh start. The tobacco and Vetiver fade the citrus scent of the top notes, which smells dark and mysterious. The tobacco gives the smoky feeling to the perfume for a couple of hours.

The base note of this perfume is a mixture nutmeg and pepper which makes this perfume for spring days. The medium sillage makes this perfume lasts for about 6 hours at max.

This perfume is worn by the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger.

3. Arpege pour homme

Opens with the citrus notes mixed with the essence of orange blossom and neroli. The smooth citrus smell is followed by the bouquet of floral scent of jasmine and iris flower. The notes also contain scent of spices: ginger, pink pepper, and cadamom which gives a giurmand effect. The vanilla bergase gives this perfume a masculine taste. This is used by one of the famous actor Ashton Kutcher.

4. Musk Lorenzo Villoresi

Its name is perfectly matched with its ingredient with top notes: bergamot, cardamom,galbanum and floral notes. The scent of geranium and rose dominate in the heart notes with a great finish of musk, vanilla, oak, moss, palisander and sandalwood. It is suitable for men and women. The perfume can last for the whole day with a feel of powdery scent which stays in your skin. This perfume is used by Brad Pitt.

5 . Eau D'Hadrien

The citrus perfume created by Annick Goutal features lemon, grapefruit, cypress, citron, ylang-ylang, aldehydes and mandarin orange. The fresh citrus presence is much suitable for winter. The smokey smell of cypress complements the predominant-citrus scent. With a decent sillage and longevity, the mandarin orange gives an Italian citrus texture to the perfume.

This perfume is used by Leonardo DiCaprio.


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