Why We Love Kimoji Heart Perfumes (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Kimoji Heart Perfumes (And You Should, Too!)

Posted by Harish on 8th Feb 2018

Best gift for this valentine’s day:

The all new Kimoji Heart Perfumes have taken the fragrance market by the storm, and this is possibly the best product launched by any of the Kardashians. With just a few days to go for Valentine’s Day, the KKW Fragrance Kimoji Perfumes have been released at the perfect time by Kim Kardashian West. These perfumes are lovely fragrances with subtle overtones and hints but one thing common to the entire range is their sweetness in terms of the fragrance which makes the Kimoji Heart Perfumes fun, girlish and completely lovable.

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Kimoji Heart’s Perfume Types:

The  perfumes are of three different types BFF, BAE, and Ride or Die. The Kimoji Perfumes, priced at just $30 are truly a treat for anyone who loves sweet, sweet scents and a little playfulness too to cut the monotony of fragrances.

Kimoji Hearts BFF is a fun perfume and though the concoction is quite complex, with the fragrance containing the distinct tones of star apple and wild berries, while the heart has a bunch of roses and pear blossom with clear highlights of the delicious flavors of marshmallow and vanilla. 

But amidst all these fruity, flowery sweet notes is the crisp hint of cedar wood which gives a clean and smooth finishing touch to this fragrance.

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Perfect Blending:

The Kimoji Hearts BAE remains a playful perfume at its core even with the subtlety in terms for the blend of scents that truly shines through.

Though the scent is quite delightful and not too on the heavy side, the Kimoji Hearts Bae is truly fruity and truly sparking with the infusion of the scents of mandarin and kiwi fruit which slowly blends into the magic smoothness of floral overtones like that of gardenia blossom and jasmine sambac.

Added to this, the final finish with the glossy touches of vanilla and sandalwood makes this perfume a total treat.

Enjoyable aroma:

The Kimoji Hearts Ride or Die perfume is possibly the most decadent and complex in the entire range. It sports amazing blends of different but very organic flavors and scents that make it wild and yet sweet. 

At the first whiff you get the fragrance of plum and blackberry that adds a sultry, yet fruity and juicy flavor to the first note of the perfume and it is then followed by the mounting complexities of the infusion of Tonka beans, toffee caramel and then of course in the heart of it all are the freshness of the flowers like jasmine and the sugary delight of the nectar of raspberry.

The Kimoji Hearts Ride or Die does have quite a few unusual flavors that would not have been considered compatible but it seems that with this particular fragrance Kim Kardashian West has pulled off another stunner!

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Secret behind Kimoji perfume:

When asked about the KKW Fragrance Kimoji Hearts Perfumes, Kim Kardashian West said that she simply wanted to create a perfume that is cute and connected to Valentine’s Day, which is one of her favorite holidays and also because she wanted to have a bit of that childish element and so the bottles too resembling candy hearts are her inspiration from her childhood.

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Can be a girl’s best friend:

These perfumes do have the possibility of being every girl’s best friend with their super fun yet super trendy style with distinct hints of delicacy and elegance that shines through these three wonderful fragrances. On adding subtle hints of the other flavors and their scents, Kim Kardashian West has certainly delivered a line of fragrance that can quite not be classified into the conventional categories of perfumes that are available because the Kimoji Hearts perfumes are so much more than just that. Their scents are truly mesmerizing and the kinds of fun, playful vibe that these scents give are quite unparalleled!

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